Support Team

Paul McIvor

Race Planner And Handicapper

An ex-Timeform employee, Paul joined us in the summer of 2017 and has since taken on the responsibility of race planning whilst also acting as our private handicapper, compiling analysis on individual horses both before and after races. A keen sportsman, Paul played cricket to a high standard once upon a time, spending a winter in Australia and touring Sri Lanka with Loughborough University. Nowadays he sticks to football, playing alongside his brother on a Sunday morning, something that allows him to watch the racing on a Saturday afternoon!   

Dr Eugenio Cillan-Garcia

Consultant Vet

Spanish born Eugenio is our veterinary consultant attending the yard regularly to monitor each horse. He has plenty of experience with racehorses having worked with Liam Kearns at the Three Counties Equine Hospital. Eugenio was based at the Royal 'Dick' School of Veterinary Studies where he lectured on equine surgery, with special interests in equine arthroscopy and podiatry. In 2020 Eugenio went freelance and is now available to see horses in our yard when required. Under his guidance we have access to many items of specialist equipment including an overground scope, gastroscope, exercise ecg, digital x ray, MRI scan, and he carries out soft palate cautery and minor operations on our yard. He can also carry out orthopaedic surgery using the facilities at the RDSVS in Edinburgh and Clyde Vet Group in Lanark. Eugenio is a racecourse vet and is often on duty at Musselburgh, Perth and occasionally Kelso giving us confidence if our horses are ever injured while racing. In his spare time he is kept very busy with his three young daughters and also enjoys running and both playing and watching rugby. 

Douglas Crawford FWCF


Dougie has been shoeing horses at Arlary House since the early eighties and he and his team can be acclaimed for keeping our horses sound and shod fit for purpose. Dougie has his fellowship and is an excellent remedial farrier. In his spare time he enjoys attending showjumping shows with his daughter Emma who he is rightly proud of. His two sons Jack and Greg are both farriers too and the family firm is an important part of the team here at LRR 

Greg Crawford DipWCF


Greg is Dougie's son and along with his father, and occasionally his brother and sister, he provides the farrier care for our horses. Keen to give our string the best chance to win he is often trying innovative ways to balance the horses' feet and increase their stride length. A lover of football on a Saturday he also loves racing and says that his best ever day racing was at the Grand National in 2017. 

Stefi Duff

Massage Therapy

Stefi is Jaimie's younger sister and she has been associated with Lucinda Russell Racing for many years. She is a qualified equine sports massage therapist and has also done training in myofascial release and saddle fitting. Stefi is a regular visitor to our yard and treats horses pre and post race as well as routinely if required. She is very accurate in knowing if a horse is feeling good or not, can spot minor issues before they develop further and has shown the staff how to stretch the horses before and after exercise. A vital cog in our wheel she also has a trekking and pony club centre on the Isle Of Skye with twenty three horses and ponies varying from shetlands to Irish Draughts. In her spare time she loves to learn new skills within her field and spending time with her family and other half Chris.

Steve Cottam

Part Time Driver

Steve helps with lorry driving on long trips to the races. He is our Transport Manager for our operators license, monitoring the maintenance records of each lorry, keeping the drivers tachograph records and making sure that we meet all of the driving laws and regulations. Steve is kept very active when not at the yard as he is a dedicated foster carer. 

Mandy To


Mandy has her own cleaning business and helps us at Kilduff and Arlary keeping the owners rooms smart, clean and stocked with refreshments, biscuits and cakes. She also looks after Tiger and Cheetah when we are busy.